Pippa J

When I first arrived there was several people on the forecourt trying to menoiver 7ish tonne camper van but two made sure to come over and say hi. I was left in peace to look, sit fiddle move etc until I was satisfied I wanted a test drive. Unfortunately duty called and I had to go they were lovely. I went back the same evening with my 5 strong brood. Nothing was too much trouble and both Jamie and Mathew were precessional and friendly throuout. My husband wanted an inspection done by AA and they had no issue waiting for the inspection. The results came back that the Car was fab but even the AA engineer commented how good the boys were friendly and proffessional were his words. So I got my car. At the end of my warrenty I had a consern. it was “no problem at all if I bring the car up on … the courtesy car would be there. I was lent a very practical 7 seater for 2 days while they sorted it all out. What a refreshing experience. FMC get a full thumbs up. Thank you so much.

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